Port and Maritime cranes

Bridon-Bekaert understands the demanding requirements of the Port and Maritime industry in achieving efficiencies by minimising down time and therefor offer total cost solutions when it comes to supplying steel wire rope. Working together with crane manufacturers Bridon-Bekaert have become a trusted and reliable supplier of ropes and solutions to the industry.

Mobile harbour cranes

Rubber tyred chassis offers great versatility around the port whilst handling a variety of cargos.

Ship to shore cranes

Ship to shore (STS) container cranes are the center of the port productivity.

Bulk unloader cranes

Bulk unloader cranes offer efficient loading and unloading of bulk raw materials.

Container handlers

RTG, RMG cranes and straddle carriers offer efficient movement of containers around the port.

Ship lift

A ship lift is an arrangement for transporting vessels or for lifting the vessel out of the water.

Ship derrick cranes

Ship derrick cranes are used to lift general cargo on and off vessels.

Floating cranes

Floating cranes are heavy lift vessels specifically designed for the handling of loads.

Offshore cranes

Offshore pedestal mounted cranes are used in offshore oil and gas operations.

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    Bridon-Bekaert manufactured the cable assemblies and provided installation and tensioning equipment and assistance for the Newport City Bridge in Wales, UK.
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