Ropes360 Services

Ropes 360 services offers complete solutions and support, with the goal of maximizing our customers’ safety and their ropes’ operational life. Dedicated rope technicians and engineers offer flexible services, from rope inspection and non-destruction examination (NDE) services to post-retirement examination and feedback systems.

Bridon-Bekaert has helped numerous customers implement and manage comprehensive rope inspection programs to avoid the high costs associated with equipment downtime. When a rope needs repair or maintenance, Ropes 360 Services provides customers with installation and replacement services, as well as with failure criteria and rope maintenance training to ensure optimum safety and rope life.

Service offering.

The Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group Technology Centre provides support to help you get the best return from your rope

BBtec: Bridon-Bekaert Technology Centre

  • Post-retirement rope analysis 
  • Rope condition assessment 
  • Forensic investigation
  • Rope mechanical/torque-turn/bending fatigue testing   
  • Destruction testing and wire tensile testing
  • Multi-layer spooling (MLS) test     
  • Maximum Operating Rope Efficiency Program – MORE

Application Engineers

  • Rope selection and specification
  • Rope life management packages
  • Training in rope use and rope life extension
  • Troubleshooting and guidance for ropes in use 

On-site services

Ropes360 services offer an extensive range of options, including:
  • Equipment Hire; NDE devices for ropes up to 150mm diameter; Pressure lubricant for ropes up to 165mm diameter; Motorised Reel Stands & Winches
  • Periodic and annual examinations including NDE and rope sample testing
  • Flexible - outsource engineers by day, week or project
  • Manufacturing records and certification management
  • Installation and installation supervision
  • Global on-site service
  • Lubricants