We make ropes & advanced cords.

Bridon-Bekaert’s rope is designed for some of the world’s most demanding applications in numerous industries—all of which call for specific rope requirements. 

Rope is made of three elements—the core, wires, and strands. The art of making rope is very old, but the complexities of wire rope characteristics, which increase strength, and resist rotation, bend fatigue, abrasion, crushing and corrosion, make rope a complex machine.

For every industry, every application, and every customer’s unique needs, we offer a solution. Our portfolio consists of steel, synthetic and hybrid ropes and advanced cords.

our solutions

Steel & Hybrid Ropes

Bridon-Bekaert provides steel wire ropes for every industry, including onshore and offshore oil & gas, underground and surface mining, cranes and industrial, structures, fishing and marine, cableways and forestry.

The hybrid rope, developed by Bridon-Bekaert in response to the ultra-deep depths of the oil & gas and underground mining industries, where wire rope gets heavier as it gets longer, offers the advantage of combining the robustness of steel and weight saving properties of fibre. As modern fibres are as strong as steel but significantly lighter and more flexible, replacing some of the rope’s steel components with fibre is beneficial to increase payloads and productivity. 

Synthetic Ropes

ScanRope, Bridon-Bekaert’s synthetic fibre brand, is an advanced range of products that are designed specifically for demanding applications, boasting high efficiency, increased safety, cost-effectiveness, and high performance.

Our range of products have been designed as a high strength, light weight alternative solutions for heavy lifting within the oil and gas, industrial, renewable energy, decommissioning and logistics sectors.

Service Solutions

Ropes 360 is Bridon-Bekaert’s total service solution for our products, from rope selection & specification through inspection & examination and guidance on discard & feedback. Application engineers are available to our customers for training, troubleshooting, rope life management packages, and guidance. 

We also offer an extensive range of options for on-site services, including equipment hire, NDE devices, pressure lubricants, motorized reel stands and winches, examinations, periodic examinations, installation, and other products and services specific to meeting our customers’ unique needs. 

Ropes 360 services mission is to maximise the safety and operational life of our customer’s ropes, slings, and cargo accessories.