Markets we serve

Our ropes are trusted globally in a broad range of sectors, including oil and gas, mining,  cranes and industrial, structures,  fishing, marine, cableways and forestry. 

Oil & Gas
Onshore, Offshore Exploration, Construction & Production

Bridon-Bekaert has centuries of understanding of the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry, allowing us to design oil and gas ropes that exceed customer expectations and industry standards. 

Bridon-Bekaert’s oil and gas ropes endure the most abusive and demanding oil and gas applications and lead to cost savings due to fewer rope changes and less downtime. Our specialized lubricants offer a wide operating temperature range and improved corrosion resistance.

We create value for you by selecting and producing the rope that best suits your needs and providing you with technical support and service afterwards.

Underground & Surface Mining

Bridon-Bekaert’s mining ropes are designed to achieve longer service life and the lowest cost per ton, and are engineered to withstand abrasion, bend fatigue, internal corrosion, and extreme temperatures. 
In surface mining, we understand that profit depends on productivity. We test every product to destruction, so we know our ropes will perform as promised in the most severe field applications. Our industry-leading team of rope engineers span the world to ensure our customers receive maximum uptime and value.

Trusted in the world’s deepest mines with the harshest operating environments, our underground mining ropes provide increased performance over competing ropes and offer unbeatable annual savings to our customers.

One underground mining customer says, “We are happy to recommend Bridon-Bekaert as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of wire ropes in challenging key application areas. We use their wire ropes on our key equipment and the uptime is very essential for us as a successful mining operator. Bridon-Bekaert also provides excellent training to our maintenance personnel on key aspects of wire rope usage and maintenance. Bridon brand products have stood up to our expectations from a world class wire rope manufacturer.”

Cranes & Industrial
Port and Maritime, Construction & Industrial

Bridon-Bekaert’s comprehensive range of crane & industrial ropes offer enhanced products for demanding lifting applications where high levels of fatigue performance, diameter stability and crush resistance are necessary for optimum performance. 

Our crane ropes have achieved enhanced service lives with fewer ropes changes, resulting is less downtime and significant cost savings.

Bridon-Bekaert’s engineering team brings continuous improvement to our portfolio of crane & industrial rope, and provides on-site support to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving challenges of the industry and needs of our customers.

Bridges, Stadiums & other Architectural Structures

In a world with growing infrastructure needs, Bridon-Bekaert helps connect people on all continents through its cable offering for bridges, stadiums and other architectural structures.

Through our broad offering, early-on engineering support, and sites service support team, it's our endeavor to have the designer's imagination and creativity as a project's only constraint. 

Fishing & Marine
Purse seining, Trawling, Tug & Towing and Mooring

Todays advanced fishing technologies demand high rope performance, that is why Bridon-Bekaert's specifically engineered trawl ropes offer ultimate rope performance with reduced pulley wear and increased abrasion resistance to maximize fleet efficiency and productivity.

Towing and mooring are critical operations. The safety of crew and vessel while manoeuvring, towing and securing is essential. To ensure this Bridon-Bekaert work closely with operators and ship-owners to develop and supply products and services suited the specifics of their operating procedures and activities.

Cableways & Forestry
Passenger, Material & Urban

Bridon-Bekaert's expansion of our cableway activities is part of our strategy to provide our long-standing experiences with our customers worldwide.

Working in Forestry is tough and demanding. The irregular ground conditions, high payloads and long spans call for ropes of the highest quality. 
Whether you are hauling logs with a yarder or felling trees with a tethered machine, Bridon-Bekaert have designed Forestry ropes to allow you to work efficiently, sustainably and safely within your environment.