Constructex - For today's technology

The demands of today's drilling place more stress on rig equipment than ever before. While drillers have experienced tremendous strides in technology, many still use a rope designed in  the early 1900's. The team at Horizon Energy saw the value of replacing the standard drill line with Bridon American's Constructex, a rope with greater strength, abrasion and crush resistance.

Horizon Energy rig 16 had been running 10 parts of 1-1/4" 6x19 EIPS IWRS RRL drilling line with a ton-mile goal of 15 at between 1200 & 1500 ton-miles since last cut.

According to the Purchasing Manager at Horizon Energy, LLC,
"After switching to Bridon American Constructex drilling line, our ton-mile goal has increased to 23 at between 2000 & 3450 ton-miles since last cut. We have reduced the number of parts of line in the string form 10 down to 8, maintaining design factors in accordance with API standards while speeding up the operation. This has allowed us to keep an additional 300' on the storage spooling for extra cuts during the life of the line. We are now saving time and money due to fewer parts of line and fewer cuts per well. By making us a more cost efficient contractor for our customers, Constructex is helping Horizon Energy maintain a competitive edge during these hard times of low oil/ natural gas prices and reduced day rates!"
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  • Increased contact with sheaves and drums, resulting in less wear to wire rope and equipment.