TFI Marine SeaSpring Load Reduction Device

SeaSpring by TFI Marine

TFI Marine is an Irish based company with a long track record in excellence in the modelling and design of world-class mooring systems for a wide breath of marine applications.

With extensive work in the offshore energy sector and more recently in marine aquaculture. By applying this industry experience, TFI Marine have developed a unique mooring component called the SeaSpring, which revolutionises conventional mooring systems.

The Future of Offshore Mooring Systems

The TFI Marine SeaSpring is a passive polymer spring which elongates under mooring line tension. Its elongation at specific tensions has been designed to change in a non-linear manner, changing the behaviour of a mooring system. It allows the mooring system designer to specify at what tensions they want their mooring line to be compliant and at what tensions they want the mooring line to be stiff.

By designing the compliance to match the wind turbine and platform behaviour, maximum mooring loads can be halved, significantly reducing cost of mooring components and their installation. Fatigue loads can also be reduced by >50% extending the mooring component lifetimes.

TFI Marine
TFI Marine SeaSpring with Fibre

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