Offshore Construction

Bridon-Bekaert is the world leader in advanced rope solutions for the offshore oil and gas marine construction industry. We offer both superior steel wire and synthetic ropes and a wide range of abandon and recovery (A&R) lines, winch lines, offshore crane ropes, temporary mooring lines, diving bell ropes and lifeboat ropes. We provide offshore vessels globally with the most reliable ropes to maximize productivity and minimize operational costs. We do so by selecting and producing the rope that best suits your needs and providing you with technical support and service afterwards.

A&R winches

A&R winches are designed for the abandonment and recovery of equipment and pipes.

Subsea winches

The winches can be used to place equipment and pipes on the seabed

Offshore cranes

Offshore pedestal mounted cranes are used in offshore oil and gas operations.

Floating Cranes

Floating cranes are heavy lift vessels specifically designed for the handling of loads.


Mooring lines connect an anchor on the seafloor to a floating structure.

Diving bells

Diving bells are used to support diving operations from rigs and vessels.

Life boat

Life boats form an integral part of offshore vessels and rigs and are key to the safety.

Did you know?

  • Doha International Airport
    Doha, Qatar

    The New Doha International Airport expansion will be a major hub for Qatar Airways in the Middle East.
    Elementos de Izaje
  • Kiev Olympic Stadium
    Kiev, Ukraine

    The Olympic Stadium in Kiev is one of the eight venues for the EURO 2012 football tournament being staged jointly in Poland and Ukraine.
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  • Newport city Footbridge
    Newport, Wales

    Bridon-Bekaert manufactured the cable assemblies and provided installation and tensioning equipment and assistance for the Newport City Bridge in Wales, UK.
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  • Forth Road Bridge

    Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group repairs one of Europe's largest suspension bridges, providing maximum cost savings.
    Forth Road Bridge
  • Nebelhornbahn

     The Nebelhornbahn, located in Oberstdorf (Allgäu), connects the valley station (812m), the middle station and the mountain peak station with the 2224m high Nebelhorn. The Nebelhornbahn AG was founded in 1927 and went operational in 1930. 
    Nebelhornbahn cableway