Hoist rope

The hoist ropes for shovel machines have a plastic coating in order to prevent drum wear and retain the lubrication. The combination of flexibility, strength and superior core support allows multiple bending cycles to be achieved for safe and efficient mining operation.

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  • The world’s first nylon jacketed shovel rope delivers unparalleled service life in the extreme environments
  • Patented design and construction provides earth shattering annual savings
  • Proven performance and consistently outclasses any known rope manufactured in the world today

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Cushion pac Ultra

  • Advanced Plastic Technology for extended fatigue life
  • Interlocking Outer Plastic Jacket minimizes abrasion on the rope crowns, the drums and the sheaves
  • Optimal Strand Positioning minimising strand-to-strand contact increasing service life
  • DY-PAC Strands for increased strength and crush resistance

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Dyform Bristar Tiger blue

  • Revolutionary core design
  • Increases performance over competing ropes
  • Unbeatable annual savings
  • Cutting edge continuous improvement

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Tiger Blue 8

  • Known globally for proven and reliable design and construction 
  • Dyform strands for increased strength and crush resistance
  • Plastic impregnated design prevents excessive drum wear

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Tiger Duracore

Tiger DuraCore

  • Up to 20% longer rope life versus standard design
  • Made to enhance performance and life through improved core support of outer strands 
  • Engineered with unique polymer formulation - resilient in extreme temperatures
  • Designed to inhibit abrasion and bending fatigue
  • Tested in extreme conditions

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  • Premier product for service life in severe bending fatigue applications
  • Strand and wire visibility
  • Improved core support
  • Plastic shapes minimise vibration and increase core life
  • Robust Dyform strand construction

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