Hybrid ropes offer high strength while being light weight.

As strong and robust as a steel rope but lighter with superior bending fatigue life.

A hybrid rope is a steel and fibre combination rope where the fibre is an integral load bearing member.

Several years ago, we started the development of a hybrid rope for special hoisting solutions. Driven by the needs of our customers in the mining industry, our innovation and technology teams have focused to create a next generation rope. And they did with our hybrid rope! 

The hybrid design brings the best of both worlds: the strength and abrasion resistance of steel and the high fatigue performance of fibres in a lightweight construction due to high modulus specific grades. By offering these higher strength, lower weight ropes, we can provide underground mining customers with a competitive and safe edge in their operations, which, according our first calculations, can result in the increase of productivity because of higher payload in each cycle, starting typically with a minimum of 10%. Our first field trials clearly indicated an increased lifetime of the hybrid rope which eventually led to an uptime in operations.

To achieve this innovative hybrid rope we worked closely together with a selection of top high modulus fibre producers.

Many field trials have been performed over recent years with positive results.

Hybrid rope benefits

Better strength to weight ratio over traditional steel ropes offers:



  • Operational safety factor
  • Breaking load
  • Payload capacity
  • Depth range in a single wind



  • Self weight of rope (Tailored customers' needs)

Drum winder 
Case Study

Objective: To complete the first hybrid rope field trial involving local mining authorities in the process to verify the detection and discard in a production drum winder application specifically hybrid ropes.

  • First ever safe run of hybrid rope in a mine operation
  • Exhibited 6.7% higher as new breaking load with core terminated in resin cones
  • Thimble cappel termination achieved 100% of benchmark rope
  • Observed lower rope elongation in service compared to low modules traditional fibre core
  • Discarded safely after monitoring using traditional visual and NDE inspection, according to wire breaks at cross over zone and to preventive maintenance schedule
  • HMPE core retained integrity and breaking load in drum end, cross over and thimble
Rope Details
1.3/4" diameter 6x25 round strand with a HMPE core
Ni/Cu Underground Mine The shaft is equiped with double drum winder (material) operating to 1600m

Friction winder
Case Study

Objective: To extend the service life by taking advantage of the load bearing core to increase operating safety factor and to verify the detection and discard in a friction winder application specifically for hybrid ropes.

  • First ever successful hybrid rope in friction hoist, ran in a mine in a production shaft
  • Exhibited 18% higher breaking load than benchmark rope
  • Removed from service after 2 years due to overhaul of the shaft, no visible rope damage during whole period.
  • Total tonnes hoisted 4,721,258 (95% - hoist average is 5,000,000).
  • Residual rope strength - post retirement = 101% of new
 Rope Details
40mm diameter 6x25 Brangle triangular strand with a HMPE Core
Main hoist rope material winder operating at 802m depth. Friction winder (4x850m)

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