Single layer ropes

On a drum application in a shallow depth or with a large drum diameter, the rope may be spooled in only one layer. This is an easy task for a rope, and almost every rope design can be put into operation. These ropes have to be well lubricated with any suitable lubrication for ropes.

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Cushion Pac 35

  • Rotation Resistance
  • Flexibility 
  • Plastic jacket core 
  • Minimal elongation

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Tiger 24 LS PI

  • High Strength.
  • Superior fatigue performance
  • Excellent resistance to wear
  • High tread pressure stability
  • Excellent diameter stability

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Tiger Dyform 34LR PI

  • Best flexibility
  • Ideal resistance to rotation
  • Excellent spooling on multi-layer drums 
  • Smallest D/d ratio possible
  • Excellent diameter Stability

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Tiger full locked winding rope

  • Rotation resistant
  • High strength
  • High diameter stability
  • Best spooling behaviour on multi-layer winding

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