Winch lines

Bridon-Bekaert offers a comprehensive range of winch lines that can be used for a variety of applications like deck winches, tugger winches, man-riding winches, and riser pulling winches and linear/ traction winches.
For each type of winch, we provide you with the winch line that best suits your needs.

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6 Series

  • Fit-for-purpose, robust rope construction
  • Fully lubricated during manufacture
  • For use on single layer drums only

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8 Series

  • Flexible and solid rope construction
  • Higher performance level compared to 6 series
  • For use on single layer drums only

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Dyform 34 LR

  • Excellent rotation resistance
  • Highly efficient due to its flexibility
  • Suitable for single part and multi part reeving
  • Suitable for single part reeving of an unguided load

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Dyform 34 LR PI

  • Stable rope construction
  • Higher bending fatigue performance

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Dyform 6

  • High strength
  • Robust crush resistant rope construction

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Dyform 8

  • Good bending fatigue performance
  • Very flexible rope construction
  • Smooth profile created by the number of outer strands

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Dyform bristar 6

  • Outstanding bending fatigue performance
  • Improved support of outer strands in service

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Dyform bristar 8

  • Outstanding bending fatigue performance
  • Very stable rope construction
  • Improved support of outer strands in service

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  • Engineered low rotational characteristics
  • Dyform construction for crush & wear resistance
  • Enhanced radial stiffness
  • Recommended for multilayer spooling
  • Low elongation

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Steelite 12

  • High strength (size for size match for steel)
  • Low elongation
  • Quick and easy to splice and repair
  • Does not rotate under load or lose strength when wet

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