Single point mooring lines

A comprehensive design package tailored to suit individual location requirements for single point moorings and tandem offloading systems. Packages include chafe chains, support buoys, shackles and fittings and are based on our high quality specialist fibre ropes. Bridon Superline Nylon and Viking Braidline Nylon Super Hawser offer a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional constructions and both are fully compliant with OCIMF guidelines for the purchasing & Testing of SPM hawsers.

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SuperLine Nylon

  • OCIMF Compliant
  • High rope elongation
  • Excellent tension-tension fatigue performance translating to longer life
  • Non load bearing sacrificial jacket

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Viking BraidLine Nylon

  • OCIMF Compliant
  • True double braid per ISO 10554: 50/50 load sharing
  • Highest rope elongation
  • Highly flexible construction
  • Load bearing material easily visually inspected

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    Bridon-Bekaert manufactured the cable assemblies and provided installation and tensioning equipment and assistance for the Newport City Bridge in Wales, UK.
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