John Churchfield

Chief Technology Officer


Leeds University Graduate before joining Bridon in 1986 as a Graduate Trainee. Subsequently held operations roles in most of Bridon's European based manufacturing facilities before being appointed Managing Director of the European Crane and industrial ropes business in 1997. Appointed President of Bridon America in 2000, John spent two four-year periods leading Bridon's US based distribution and surface mining business. During his time as America's President, he also took accountability for Bridon Global operations and was for a brief period appointed to the position of Chairman of the US Wire Rope manufacturing Association (2006-2008). Returning to the UK in 2009, John has held a number of positions including EMEA Managing Director, Global Director of operational and Group Technologies Director. In his role as Director of Operations John was the project lead for the success initiative to design, build and commission the world class high performance rope manufacturing facility located at Neptune Quay Newcastle.